List of Thankfuls


For the past couple of years I’ve done a November List of Thankfuls or #30daysofthanks on twitter.  It’s something that really helps me realize how blessed I really am.  It usually only ends up on facebook, and since I’ve been anti-facebook these days, I wanted to share what I have so far

I am copying these directly from facebook, and maybe giving more thoughts in italics. 🙂 

Day 1:  Today I am thankful for carports.  They keep my car free from frost and ice.  Silly I know but it’s important to be thankful for the little things.  That day I went to get in my car and noticed my neighbors cars that weren’t under a carport that had frost on them.  I’ve been there.  I will be there again I’m sure. 

Day 2:  Today I am thankful for this little book that came into my life called “Jesus Calling“.  This book has truly changed my life, my thoughts on God, how I interact with God, my walk with God.  SOOO many things.  Everyday as I’m reading it I know that God is using it to speak truth into my life.  It’s not the Bible, but I love it!  There are days when I question if my book reads the same as everyone’s because it’s like they’re written directly for me in THAT moment. 

Day 3:  Today I am thankful for this little house 🙂

I love this house!  My sister lived here before I did, and we hope to pass it to someone we know when I leave.  We have a lot of good memories here.

Day 4:  Today I am thankful that I live in the same town as my sister and bil.. There is a comfort that comes in being near family.. We may not always have that so I will FOREVER be thankful for this time.  This is such a blessing!!! 

Day 5:  Today I am thankful for kids that minister to my soul.. It’s been a day filled with laughter, fun pictures and videos, tickles, ice cream, silly hats and masks, reading time, playing mom and day, and so much more.. #blessed  This was the weekend I kept the kids.. Man it was wonderful! 

Day 6:  I missed yesterday..  I am thankful for the kindness of strangers.  I realized as I was leaving Andy and Jennifer’s neighborhood yesterday that I had a flat tire.  I prayed that God would help me and not 30 seconds later a neighbor called out and changed my tire for me.

Day 7:  Today I am thankful for how God answers prayers.  (See Day 6).  It’s during those quick answers that help me during the times when I have to wait..

Day 8:  I am thankful for the people I work with.  We’ve gone through some major changes in the past year, and it’s been stressful, but I am thankful for the team that has emerged out of this season.  There is a lot of laughing, praying, and loving going on at NLCC.  We are blessed.

Day 9:  Today I am thankful for my sister Jessi.  She is my best friend.  She puts God first and loves me unconditionally.. She has a beautiful heart.. She loves others like Christ commanded us to love others.. She’s forgiving.. She’s fun to be around.. We laugh a lot when we’re together.. We can talk about everything and nothing and still get each other.. She always listens when I need to talk and gives me sound advice.  (As my pastor put it, she is one of the few voices on my playlist.)  I love her soo much and am incredibly thankful for her.

Day 10:  Today I am thankful for Christmas and the joy that comes with this season.  So I maybe put up my Christmas tree this week.

Day 11:  Today I am thankful for New Zealand.. The country, the people, my teammates from America that I met there.  So much of who I am today is because of the year I spent there.  So many wonderful memories.. Happy 11:11:11 day.  We had a special party to celebrate this day while we were there back in 2004, and every year we send each other texts/facebook notes saying that we’re thinking of each other. 

That’s my list so far.. I hope you enjoyed 🙂  What are you thankful for??


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