A Post with Pictures


Last week, I was in Florida with my dad’s whole side of the family.  It was wonderful and I’m ready to go back.  I don’t get to be with this side of the family often, so it truly was a treasure to be with them.  I kept being reminded of what a blessing it was to be there and tried to be grateful through it all.

This was my view on the plane flying to Atlanta.  I flew to ATL on Thursday to drive my Pop (grandpa) down on Friday.  He has cancer and is on major drugs and doesn’t need to be driving.

Breakfast on the road with Pop and Ms Essie

This was my view most days..

Some of the food we ate.  All the families took turns cooking so we didn’t have to eat out every night.  It worked out great and saved money.  We still had our good “Beach” foods.

The Deadliest Pontoon.. Basically we tried to sink our pontoon boat in the ocean.  But we had fun and created lost of fun memories.

Me with my Pop 🙂

Some of my favorite pics from last week!!

And last but not least.. my favorite one of all..
My family minus Aaron (Bil)

Oh wow ya’ll there were so many pictures to choose from.  I hope I haven’t bored you with them all.. there are many more that I didn’t share.  Oh well!

So that was my vacation recap… How have you been??


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