Adventures with Osbourne


I prayed for a dog for a long time.  I didn’t want to spend money on one.  I really wanted to help a family in need that either couldn’t take care of it or was moving, but basically they wanted to give a dog away.  I know this seems like a long shot, but God answered my prayers!!  A friend of a friend is building a house and had Oz (they called him Peter Parker) and didn’t have the time to give to a ten month old puppy that he needed.  So they put out something on facebook (see something good can come from it!!) and my friend contacted  me. It only took a couple of days and Oz was mine.  It happened very fast, but remember, this was something I had been praying about for a while.  This is what I remind myself of when he never settles down and only wants to play.  Needless to say having a dog is very rewarding, but it can also be a challenge at times. 

I am hoping that what takes place tomorrow fixes one of those challenges.  Oz is a male dog & tomorrow he goes under the knife and will remain a kid forever more.  Need I say more?  My prayer is that this calms him down, and that it stops his need for excitement.  My sister has two dogs and they can’t hang out because Oz won’t leave them alone.  I’m so excited I can’t sleep!! (This really bothers me because I don’t want to have a dog that is a nuisance.  Thus the excitement!!) 

Oh the joys of owning a dog…



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