This picture doesn't have anything to do with a vacation but its relaxing and isn't that what a vacation is all about??

Today was one of those days when I realize how much I am in need of a vacation.  Working for a church, you don’t really get a lot of time off.  Yes you have a day off here & there, but they’re typically not in a row, and you usually have something planned and are always busy.  What’s worse are when you have to work on your off days and you don’t get time off to make up for working those days.  I had a couple of weekends in the Spring when that happened and I think I’m still suffering from it.  Now I’m not complaining, I know there are some perks to working in ministry, and I am very blessed in my job.  But everyone needs a vacation right?? 

My vacation starts next week kinda.  I leave next Thursday night & fly to Atlanta and spend Friday with my grandpa (Pop).  Then Saturday we drive down to Florida and meet the rest of our family.  This is going to be a crazy vacation because not only does it include my parents, sister, bil, & Pop (plus his wife), but ALL my aunts, uncles, and cousins from this side of my family will be there as well.  Needless to say I may need a vacation to recover from this vacation, but I’m grateful for it no matter what!!  To be completely honest, I’m kinda nervous about all the family stuff, but seeing my dad (its been since Feb.) and Pop make it all worth it!! (Disclaimer: I’m excited to see my mom as well, but I saw her last month.  I’m also excited to see the whole family, but its been a LONG time since we’ve spent this amount of time together.) 

What I AM really looking forward to is laughing with my family.  Being together with the people you’ve known forever & knowing that they will always love you.  Playing games after dinner.  The OCEAN!!  (I’m such a beach girl.)   My dad threatening to wake us up with his singing every morning, but him never following through.  Tacos (a family tradition).  Getting some sun.  Reading on the beach.  Long talks about what God is teaching us with my parents, sis & bil.  Having special time with just my Pop who has cancer and we don’t know how long he has.  (I’m driving him down from Atlanta on Saturday.  Is it weird that while I hate driving, this is one of the things I’m looking forward to most?) 

There are a lot of things that I could dread when it comes to next week.  I’m going to be with family and family is messy.  But I’m going to focus on the good moments.  Look for the little God Blessings in the day to day, and really try to enjoy it ALL.  And hopefully somewhere in there I’ll be able to relax.  Cause isn’t that what vacation is all about??  


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