Better Together


There’s a song by Jack Johnson called “Better Together” and it always makes me think of my parents. That is how this weekend has been.. its so much better when we’re together.. if only my dad were here, then it would be perfect!

Jack Johnson makes me think of New Zealand (where I heard him for the first time), the beach, and my dad.  One summer after my parents moved to TX I flew to Houston & we went to a beach down there for a week.  It was unlike any East Coast beach I had ever been to, but I loved it! (Really I just LOVE being at most any beach.)  It seems like we listened to Jack Johnson the entire time that week.  What fun memories.

Memories are funny.  At lunch today my sister & I were talking about what we remember about mom’s dad/our grandpa.  It made me sad to realize that we both only have one real memory of him before he died and even that is mixed up in our heads.  Thankfully we share the same one, but its funny how we both remember different aspects of the same thing.


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