Monthly Archives: June 2011

Movie Weekend


I’m in one of those crazy seasons of life right now.  My life has always been full of crazy seasons but this one seems to be lasting longer than normal.  I’m not complaining, it makes life fun, yet interesting at times, but it requires more down time than normal.  This week has been CRAZY!!! So while my whole weekend isn’t going to be as relaxing as needed, I do think that a lot of movies will be watched!

It got off to a great start last night with a spontaneous late night trip to the movies at the with some girlfriends.  We laughed so much, it was a good thing we were pretty much the only ones there!  I love things like that.. spontaneous adventures.  It makes me thankful to be an adult and able to do stuff like that.  It’s silly I know, but I wanna be grateful for the small things in life.  It’s something God is working in me! 


As Promised…


Here are pictures from our weekend!

Mom put a rose by my bedside..  she has always loved flowers and taught us to enjoy the beauty of the little things in life.


She loves the mountains and since moving to Texas, anytime she comes to visit we go somewhere to see them.  It was a beautiful day!

This weekend was such a blast being with my mom and family!  My sister and b-i-l live in Virginia near me, so we get time together, but not like this!

Saying Goodbye


My mom leaves tomorrow.  My heart is sad knowing that I won’t be seeing her for a while, but I do get to see her in a few weeks (which is way more than we normally see each other) so that is a major blessing!  We’ve had a lot of fun this weekend.  I hope to share some pictures soon.  Cause its not a good blog unless you have pictures! 

I’m excited about what God has in store for me right now.. I’ve been feeling a bit unsettled, so I’m planning on taking the next several weeks & truly seeking God & HIS heart for some direction.  My heart is a jumbled mess so I’m excited for Him to reveal some things to me.  It’s a little scary this unknown, but I trust God & HIS will for me.  I’ll keep you updated! 

Better Together


There’s a song by Jack Johnson called “Better Together” and it always makes me think of my parents. That is how this weekend has been.. its so much better when we’re together.. if only my dad were here, then it would be perfect!

Jack Johnson makes me think of New Zealand (where I heard him for the first time), the beach, and my dad.  One summer after my parents moved to TX I flew to Houston & we went to a beach down there for a week.  It was unlike any East Coast beach I had ever been to, but I loved it! (Really I just LOVE being at most any beach.)  It seems like we listened to Jack Johnson the entire time that week.  What fun memories.

Memories are funny.  At lunch today my sister & I were talking about what we remember about mom’s dad/our grandpa.  It made me sad to realize that we both only have one real memory of him before he died and even that is mixed up in our heads.  Thankfully we share the same one, but its funny how we both remember different aspects of the same thing.

Well Hello!!


So this is my first real attempt at a blog.. here’s hoping it works and people actually read it 😉

My mom is in town from Texas and it is so FABULOUS having her here! We have laughed so much.. shared hearts.. man I love her so much! I love that as I get older I realize just how blessed I am to have the parents I have. I LOVE that my mom is my friend!

We’re getting up early (for a Saturday) to hit up the community market in my town.. I haven’t been so it should be interesting. Hopefully it’ll be fun.. I’m sure between my mom, sister, b-i-l, and myself we’ll make it fun!

So goodnight and here’s to a new journey.. let’s see what God has in-store.